Please Note: The information below is relevant to the Sport Conditioning certifications not Marathon Running.

Not sure what to expect?  Worried about 12 hour days?  Doubting your ability to achieve certification?

Let us put your fears to rest!  NAASFP has worked hard to ensure that our coaches get all the information and tools necessary to succeed – in the course and in their Sport Fitness career.

Long Days: Yes, our session days are long.  Twelve hours is the allocation given to our trainers to complete each day’s material, but the day is not spent sitting at a desk listening to an instructor “blah, blah, blah” away.  All certifications have the day broken up with physical activities – training, games, and general fun – to keep the energy level up and to put a real life application to what you are learning.

So Much to Learn: Yes, there is lots to learn during the certification, but the teaching protocol has been created so the trainer can ensure that concepts are being learned by all participants and that everyone knows how to apply what they are learning before moving on.

Case Study AND and an Exam: The purpose of the exam is to ensure that our certified professionals know the foundational information.  Not only will this make them great coaches, but it will give them the base for future learning opportunities.  As for the case study, well this is our way to ensure that our coaches know how to apply the theory.  What’s the good of  having knowledge if you don’t know how to use it?  The good news is that the case study is given at the beginning of the course so that throughout the days you can work on your case study with the trainer on hand to provide guidance.

How do I start my career?: This a big one for so many starting in the industry.  We have a section of the curriculum called the Business of Coaching, which provides information for those new to coaching, as well as giving fresh ideas to the students who come to us from the fitness industry.

I’m not an athlete: It may surprise you to know that most coaches have not been at the top of their sport competitively.  Coaching isn’t about you and what you have achieved.  Coaching is about the knowledge and support that you bring to the athlete.  Coaching is an art.  The art of inspiring your client to achieve.  The art of motivating the athlete to persevere. And  the art of creating the training program that will help your client to attain his/her goals.  We all know bad coaches.  At NAASFP we give you the keys to become a great coach!

In short, we want to ensure your success!  We want you to be confident knowing that you have the knowledge and skill-set to succeed in the Sport Fitness industry.  Our reputation is in the hands of NAASFP certified coaches.  We want you to be the best!