Shouldn’t your certification process require that you demonstrate that you understand and can apply all the required knowledge prior to allowing you to work with athletes?  Wouldn’t this be safer for you and your clients?

Here at NAASFP, all certification programs utilize a module system that candidates must work through to demonstrate that they understand and can apply the required knowledge to safely train athletes.  This is the cornerstone of all NAASFP certifications.  Be it a Sport Fitness Conditioning Coach or a Marathon Running Coach certification, you will demonstrate that you know what you’re doing before being rewarded with your certification.Coach Champions get sport fitness certified

NAASFP has the premier system for fitness certification delivery.  Utilizing a gradual modular system that candidates must successfully complete before moving on, we ensure that NAASFP certified coaches are skilled in what they do and can provide safe programs to athletes.

NAASFP programs are thorough and fully supported by Master Trainers, who themselves have each earned four or more professional certifications in the sport fitness industry.  Let us guide you through your certification as you embark on your career in sport fitness.

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