Sport Conditioning Coach

Amateur athletes and weekend warriors alike are seeking professional assistance to enhance their sport performance.  The NAASFP Sport Conditioning Coach certification program focuses on the core skill set necessary to help athletes compete more effectively in their chosen sport.  Students will gain the knowledge and skills to succeed at all levels of sport fitness coaching.  The Sport Conditioning Coach designation, SCC, will give graduates internationally recognized status in the field of sport fitness.

Sport Conditioning Coach Certification

If you are just embarking on your career in the Sport Fitness industry let NAASFP start your career in the right direction. If you are already a certified Personal Trainer, adding the NAASFP credentials of certified Sports Conditioning Coach will enable you to expand your services and programs to athletes and sports competition enthusiasts, as well as help to increase your earning potential!

THE PROGRAM: The NAASFP Sport Conditioning Coach certification is a comprehensive 4-day in-class course designed to prepare graduates to plan, market, and deliver safe and effective sport training programs in a one-on-one or group setting. Topics include:

•    Coaching fundamentals and philosophies
•    Principles and practices of athletic training
•    Exercise physiology and energy systems
•    Anatomy and biomechanics
•    Conditioning programming and testing
•    Sport-specific training exercises and drills
•    Peak performance periodization
•    Sport psychology
•    Injury prevention and reconditioning plans
•    Sports nutrition
•    Training cycles and progressions
•    Effort-based and heart rate training
•    Training plans
•    Individualization of coaching
•    Client screening and assessment
•    Business of coaching

Candidates with a university degree in a health/fitness discipline or who are certified Personal Trainers may opt out of Day One of the course, but will be required to write the corresponding portion of the exam.

WHAT TO EXPECT: We’ve provided some information that we commonly get asked by future coaches.  Check out Course Expectations.

DESIGNATION: Sport Conditioning Coach  SCC


•    At least 18 years of age
•    Proficient use of verbal and written English
•   Completed, or in senior year of, a physical education, kinesiology, or fitness programming degree/diploma
•   Athletic ability with working knowledge of and interest in sport fitness

•    Score of 80% or better in each of three sectors:
•    Practical participation
•    Case study
•    Written exam
•    First Aid and CPR (online programs not recognized)

•    4.0 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) annually
•    Current First Aid and CPR, (less than one year old)

Standard personal training techniques do not provide the focused skill development that can be achieved through the specialized skill set of a sport fitness trainer. Consequently, Sport Conditioning Coaches are in big demand as fitness clubs, recreational sport leagues, school teams, and private clubs seek to address this shortfall in their training capacity.  Employment opportunities for Sport Conditioning Coaches can be found at:

•    Community Centers
•    Sport Teams
•    Private Clubs
•    Fitness Centers
•    Schools
•    Resorts
•    Private one-on-one and group coaching

COST: $450 + HST – Includes all study materials


NAASFP-hosted sessions are held on demand if sufficient spots are not available through Hosted sessions.  Contact Us to add your name to a wait list.  Be sure to include your location, how far you are willing to travel, and daytime contact information.  You will be contacted when a seat is available.